A Work Filled Wednesday

Okay, so I have a lot on my plate today.  I am late in getting the beds changed.   Got two done last night, daughter did her own this morning.  So I've got two more to go.


I also have:


Dishes to put away.

Scrub inside of toilets (Children did outsides yesterday.)

Spray down showers.

Mop Kitchen

Make two dishes for tomorrow.

Get family videos for tomorrow.

Pick up Master Bedroom

Declutter School Room


Children to:


Vacuum bedrooms

Dust Mop (needs to be done daily)

Fold Laundry – four loads


Yesterday, daughter and I had our hair trimmed and I cut Beloved and the boys' hair.  We went to Safeway (Vons for those of you not on the West Coast) and they had a book bargain table and I picked up a few children's books and some beautiful flipcharts for $6.99 each.  Those of you who live in my town, check out the downtown Safeway.  There were a few charts left when I was there.  They each had 16 flipcharts, one was lifecycles and one was an atlas.  I didn't have time to review them for evolutionary content yet.  That's what my Sharpee is for, though.  And my children are well aware of the lies of the enemy.  Nonetheless I'll get that taken care of ASAP!


My Beloved has four days off, so we are making plans.  It's been almost three months since my last big shop (not quite), so we will do that as a family Friday or Saturday.  We will also take our family photo and finish the Christmas shopping and gift making.  I was up late last night finishing my online Christmas shopping (I hope I'm done).  We also put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving.  It will be fun this year, as I actually have a mantle to hang stockings on.  I love to decorate for Christmas.


We have a surprise for the children tomorrow.  Daddy bought them a race car set.  (Or did he buy himself one?) He has already told them they get to open one group gift on Thanksgiving.  He told them to help Mama today so they could play with their gift tomorrow.  We will set it up and leave it up through Christmas.  My sister and I had one for years (or was it my Dad's? ) and I have good memories of times playing with that.


Something I've been much aware of lately is traditions.  We want to pass traditions on to our children.  As parents, we get decide what is important from our childhoods to pass on and create new ones for our own families.  What we do with our children and the knowledge we give them will continue down our family lines.  It is the heritage we leave our children and grandchildren.  When thought of that way, parenting is a heavy task indeed.  That should make us pause for reflection.  Shouldn't it?


Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  You have been a blessing to me and I thank you for reading my non-sensical ramblings!


Miss Kris




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