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Hey all!


As I was standing in the kitchen this morning making Beloved's lunch, I had the feeling I might be coming down with something.  Please pray for me, as I am cooking on Thanksgiving and feeling a little bit overwhelmed at this moment in time.  It will probably pass soon enough, but for now I am having a hard time getting focused on what I need to do.


On another note, I received this email from a friend this morning and wanted to pass this information on to as many fellow homeschoolers as I could.




Please excuse this interruption in regular ClickSchooling messages, but I
thought many of you would want to know about this…

Dr. Phil is doing a show on homeschooling that airs this coming Friday. (See
info forwarded from Karen Taylor of the California Homeschool Network via
another list below.) I just watched the trailer at In
it, Dr. Phil interviews an unschooling family.

First, Dr. Phil sets it up by saying (in his punctuated manner), “No
assigned books, no tests, no grades — as though school doesn't even exist.”
(The implication? Learning doesn't exist.)

Next, he becomes exasperated with the mom on the issue of children
“choosing” to go to school.

Finally, he says to the parents, “Your kids don't work against deadlines.”
The mom responded, “They have their own deadlines.” Dr. Phil's response:
“That's not the way it works. I would be a vegetable if my parents had done
that to me.”

This doesn't look good for the homeschooling team. You can read the
background on this particular homeschool show provided by a homeschool parent who was in the audience that day at:

You are welcome to forward this info to others.

As for the show this Friday…if you watch it, you can email Dr. Phil with your feedback here:


Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling


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