Thanksgiving Week

There's lots to do this week!


On Friday, we went to our fire station field trip and the children really enjoyed it.  Then Daddy took us to the library and out to dinner.  It was a good day.  Saturday we worked around the house, and daughter and I did most of the Thanksgiving grocery shopping.  Baby stayed home with Daddy and he did okay without me for an hour or so.  Beloved got some of his projects done and some of the Christmas shopping done for the children.


Sunday, of course we went to church and this is the second week that #3 has sat in church with us.  We have had the older two children in church with us for well over a year, daughter two years, I think.  We believe in family integrated worship, and although we love our church and know our pastor is spirit led, our church is not  a family intergrated church.  They split everyone up into their own classes. 


Baby has been in church with us since he was born, and I felt so strongly that #3 should be with us, too.  My Beloved was concerned about that, since he is, frankly, a little pistol.   But I  haven't felt right about the rest of us going to church while dropping him off at Sunday School.  And I have not been disciplined to train him at home as I should.  So last week we had to take him with us because he had a cold and we didn't want him to give it away.  He did okay.  So I asked Beloved if we could take him in with us again, and he agreed.  My little boy did so well yesterday, that Daddy was very impressed.  In fact, he was impressed with all of the children's behavior in church yesterday and took us out to lunch to reward them!  Praise God!  He honors our desire and efforts to keep our family together.


Today we will do our schoolwork, pick up the weekend damage and after lunch we'll take baby to his four month doctor appointment.  We also need to go by the sewing store, as I used my stitch ripper for something other than what it was intended for, and broke it.  NOTE, do not use your stitch ripper to pry batteries out of your remote control!  LOL I also need white and cream thread.


I finished daughter's dress on Saturday and she wore it to church yesterday.  The fabric is very pretty and now that I have made one with this pattern subsequent dresses should be easy.  I have had two bolts of fabric to use for this same pattern for her for a while and will make a few more for the spring later. 


I got out of making her a Christmas dress this year.  Not that I didn't want to do it, but it makes things a lot easier for me right now.  We were at Fred Meyer the other day and she happened to start looking at the Christmas dresses.  They were 40% off.  So I agreed that she could have one as long as she understood that meant that I wouldn't be making one this year.  (I will still  make the dress at another time.)  So I had a 50% off one item apparel coupon and when I got to the register, the dress rung in at $13.50!  It was a $45.00 dress!  I was very pleased.


Tomorrow we will go to the store for a few last minute items and do the general cleaning.  And on Wednesday, I will make the Cranberry Mold and the Kuchen ahead of time.  Mom is bringing the rolls, stuffing, and coleslaw.  I will just need to do the potatoes, turkey, gravy and green beans on Thursday.  I will enlist my helpers to peel potatoes.


It looks like the pumpkin will be going down for his nap here soon.  So I'd better get going.  Until next time!


Miss Kris


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