Being Thankful

Here is a note from my mom to all of her family and friends.  She gave me permission to share it with all of you.   ~Miss Kris


As Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded of all of you, my dear friends and family.  I am also reminded of how thankful I am for Jesus Christ my Lord.  Not only for what HE has done, but also for who HE is today.  The Word says HE is the same today as yesterday. HE is unchanging.  As we seem to get tossed around as a leaf in the wind when we have difficulties, HE is unchanging and we can lean on HIM.  For this I am Thankful. 


Read Psalm 103 the entire Psalm is wonderful, but pay special attention to verse 3 “Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases”.  HE went to the cross not only for our salvation, but also for our entire healing (yes even today!).   We can be saved, healed and delivered!  For this I am Thankful. 


We will begin to prepare for Christmas soon; some of you will actually put your tree up the day after Thanksgiving.  The stores have had Christmas displays since October and children (young and old) have been making their lists for months. 


I would like to share something a very dear friend shared with me many years ago.   The author is unknown and to my knowledge it is not copyrighted.



Heavenly Father, I want a special Christmas gift a little early this year.  I’m not ungrateful or greedy.  Father, it’s because You gave all of the Gift of gifts, Your Son, that I need another present right now.  Lord, give me wisdom so that I may celebrate His birthday in a proper way.  Teach me that it is a false Christmas with 49 kinds of fancy cookies baked and decorated, but a grouch in the kitchen.


Remind me that an exquisite tree in the house of a tired, cranky family does Jesus no honor.  Help me see that green garlands or wreaths can be hung merrily over small fingerprints on the woodwork.  Let me be content with a light dusting and quick sweeping.  Protect me from the folly of too thorough cleaning with this family as an obstacle to be overcome.


Open my eyes, Father, to lessons of Christmases past, show me once more that first Christmas.  Joy, Peace, Love all came with Jesus to a squalid stable.  Let me not destroy the joy, peace and love within our home by foolish attempts to reproduce some magazine version of Christmas.  Show me the real difference between tinsel and gold.


Lead me safely by the glittering displays and well-stocked counters.  Lord, protect me from the desire to give my family expensive gifts as a substitute for deepening love.  Let me not be discontent with the limits of my purse.


Let the gifts to our children, our parents, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews be those from our hearts and not our pride.  Let these gifts be simple and thoughtful, not costly, as if I were trying to buy their love.  Help me to avoid spoiling Christmas for those I love by wanting too much for them.  Remind me that, as a child, Christmas was a day of great joy, even when the presents were scarce.  Show me how to give my children that same joy by helping me wrap what we can really afford with a light heart.


Give us the happiness of doing for each other out of love, not false ideas of this holiday’s meaning.  Over the years, You have taught me well, Father, for my childhood lists of “wants” and “would haves” has become honest “there isn’t anything I want or need”—because You have made me rich in family, friends and love.  There is nothing I want for myself.  You have given me everything.  Let me share this contentment with those I love most.


There is only one thing we must have in our house to celebrate the coming of the Christ Child.  It is a wife and mother who bakes Jesus’ birthday cake with her little helpers and forgets the family bread.  Who can see a beauty in crooked paper chains pasted by childish hands that will never be equaled by the most expensive interior decorators.  Who knows that someday the house will be suitably decorated for Christmas but no longer hold the little people that wait for Santa with unquestioning faith or sing “Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus” as their favorite carol.


Take my hand Father, and show me the Love You gave us on that night so long ago.  Keep me from over involvement with the seasonal trimmings lest I lose sight of the real reason for this celebration.  Make me, Father, a wise woman on her way to Christmas.


Father, I thank You…

And for this I pray…


Author Unknown


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