A Quiet Wednesday

I think, I hope!


It is very chilly out this morning, so Beloved started a fire in the fireplace and we are getting our day started slowly.  The children are still working on their Bible Study activities so they can be finished with those before their Daddy comes home today.


The neighbors are digging their pool, today, and they are giving us the dirt.  So there might be a dump truck here later.  I am also getting some more wood today.  We cut down a Black Walnut at our rental and my Beloved's worker is cutting it up and bring it up here and hopefully stacking it for me, too.


We will do some school and clean the bathrooms and then maybe I will get to sew some.  It's been so long since I have worked on my projects!  I need to get these children whipped into shape today.  I have no idea what's for dinner.  I am still van-less and now milk-less, water-less (bottled) and brown sugar-less.  Someone needs to run to the store.  I don't know if I'll get my van back today or not.  They were very vague about it when my Beloved called them yesterday.  At some point I need to do something with some bananas and pureed pumpkin I have, so here's hoping someone can get to store one way or the other!


Well, I have diapers to change and children to dress.  Sayonara for now.




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