Hey Folks!


Yesterday, we got our school work done and I had a hankering for Taco Bell.  I had to go out and get some chicken and Rice A Roni, anyway.  My Beloved had requested it for dinner and I didn't have any in my pantry.


I went into town and we ate in Taco Bell.  When we came out, I went to start the van.  It turned over and then died.  Oh, no!  Four children on a rainy day and my van wouldn't start.  I tried several times, and then called my Beloved.  He said he'd call the auto shop we usually go to, which happened to be just a few blocks down from where I was.  Okay, I actually tried to start it again several times and it did start so I headed on down to the shop myself.


It turns out it is my fuel pump.  So my mom had to come get us and take us back up to the house.  She graciously stopped at the store so I could run in and get what I needed for dinner.  Now I am without my van for a few days while it gets fixed.


That's okay.  It just provided a little excitement for us and gave me an opportunity to actually “run” into the store.  I don't get to do that much!  It's a much bigger production than that usually.  I learned I probably shouldn't have given in to my craving for Taco Bell, too.  Although if I hadn't stopped there, it probably would have happened somewhere else, maybe further away form the auto shop.  It could've been a lot worse.


So we had our chicken, Rice A Roni and I made some green beans that were really yummy.  Beloved isn't really into green beans, but actually requested these for Thanksgiving.  I guess I will have to nix the Brussels sprouts.  I got the recipe for these green beans in the Fix It and Forget It Entertaining book for crockpot cooking, except I did them in the saucepan instead and I left out the jarred mushrooms it asks for.  I have never bought those and hope I never do.  They just look gross to me.  Why use them if I can use fresh?


Today was a quiet day.  We just did our school work and some housework and I had some computer work to do.  I have a big crockpot of black beans on and leftover baked chicken and tortillas.  So I will do something with that.  My refrigerator is in desperate need of a cleanout and cleaning and I haven't gotten to it.  I guess I am just not motivated to do it right now.  I think I need an attitude adjustment, Lord!


So I am a little discouraged today because my children are not cooperating with me around the house and we are having some trouble with first time obedience.  I have been distracted by some other things I was doing for my Beloved and they were taking advantage of that distraction.  We finally got things straight and now I am a bit worn out.  I hate feeling like I can't wait for them to go to bed, but today is one of those days when I feel like that, unfortunately.  We are still working on training them to do their chores every morning automatically without our having to remind them.  It's not like we've changed them!  LOL!  The morning chores are always the same.


I have three loads of laundry to fold and I think I will give it to the children to do.  I also have three beds to remake, as we stripped them this morning.  Tomorrow is more laundry and cleaning the bathrooms.  I need to sign off, now, though.  Baby is awake.  Until next time.




One thought on “Van-less

  1. It almost feels like I am there with you! Great work in keeping your diary for your kiddos, as you will treasure these moments forever. What a contrast to our morning here in Nome, Alaska! It’s still dark and snowy and it’s 10:07 AM. We are cutting tiny pilgrim settlers out of paper and making a tiny village. Blessings to you for your good work and your lovely family. Miss you all!

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