A New Week

Happy Monday!


It's a  new week.  Our embroidery class went okay on Friday.  In the afternoon, the fireplace person came out to see why our blower doesn't work.  She made some adjustments and said to let them know if it doesn't work.  It doesn't, so I guess we'll be calling again today.


My Beloved was gone all day Saturday for his education.  He has to keep up his credits.  So we went and got his Christmas gift and visited with my folks for a while.  Then we hung out at home and made Clam Chowder for dinner.


Yesterday my Beloved planted our trees, and I took #1 and #4 with me to Fred Meyer to get some games and movies that were on sale.  I got Andy Griffith and White Christmas -one of my favorite Christmas movies.  The games are Christmas gifts for my other two boys.


This week should be pretty quiet.  We just have a field trip on Friday afternoon to the fire station.  I would like to finish daughter's dress and my blouse needs to be hemmed.  We'll see if I get a chance to get those done.  I received two dresses and a blouse in the mail I ordered form Vermont Country Store.  They are very pretty and I got to wear one of the dresses to church yesterday.  The other is my Christmas dress.  I haven't gotten a Christmas dress in years.


We need to catch up on some school work.  The house is a bit cluttered after the weekend, which is normal around here.  But it is clean and the laundry is pretty caught up, just have some baskets of it to fold. Think I will put the children on that, hehehe.  I already started the dishwasher and washing machine.  It's rainy and muddy, so we will stay inside today.


For dinner:


Either Split Pea Soup with Turkey Sausage or Sauteed Chicken Breasts.


Hmmmm…..which do I feel like?


Have a blessed day,








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