Catching Up. . . . On Housework

Well, today has been a little different than usual.  Beloved decided last night to take the two older children with him early this morning to check on a few of his jobs.  One of the many services his company offers is bat exclusion.  He wanted to show the children the jobs and see if they could see some bats hanging around or trying to get back into the buildings.  They did get to see a few and they got to go out to breakfast with Daddy.  One of the many reasons we homeschool.  Quality time with dad!


Me and the littles got up late (7:30 & 8:00 AM) and ate and then went into town to pick up the two older children and run to the store for a few things I didn't think about needing when I was there on Tuesday.  Can you tell I am not very organized this week?


My Beloved is usually a very big help to me, but this week he has been fighting a really bad inflamation on his knee due to poison oak.  He has never gotten it before and it has been terrible.  I got him in to see the dermatologist and I guess he got it this time because he had a cut on his arm.  Anyway, his knee is truly a sight to behold.  It looks really gross, but is now getting better due to the doctor's treatment.


Since I have been taking care of the children's colds and trying to stay healthy myself, things aren't looking too great around here.  So I have my work cut out for me today.  We also have piano lessons at 2:00 PM and then I have to be back in town at 4:00 PM to sign some papers.


So, needless to say, I'd better get cracking.  I've been dragging lately, so the addition of a Cherry Coke to my cart this morning should help light a fire under me, I hope!


I love this image and wish I could frame it for the nursery.



Blessings today,


Miss Kris


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