More Sleep & Better Children

Good Morning!


My children are still ill but sleeping better.  We have been taking it easy here at our home in the hopes of getting better quickly.  I am pumping them full of Vitamin C and Echinacea and green drink.


Yesterday, we did have to go into to town for supplies.  The frig was pretty bare and it couldn't be avoided.  I got all of the beds changed and some laundry done within the last two days.  Today, we will get back to our schooling and I want to have daughter do some baking if she feels up to it.


My Beloved and his business made the front page of one of the local papers in our area for his work.  That was very cool!  I am so proud of him.


Are you happy with the election results?  I am cruelly disappointed.  Especially with the abortion law that was on the ballot.  Parental notification was voted down!  What kind of state would vote no on parental notification for abortion?  Our children cannot even have dental work done without our consent, yet abortion, an extremely invasive procedure, may be performed on our children without our knowledge or consent.  It is a very scary world we live in!


I love Oregon, but I am very frustrated by the liberalism in this state.


Well, daughter and I are teaching an embroidery class here at our home on Friday morning.  So we'd better get these children better quick.  And I better get to work planning the lunch we'll have afterwards.


Have a great day in the Lord,




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