Sick Children & No Sleep

Hi all!


Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Ours went by way too fast!


I have sick children.  They all have colds and #3 is getting his lower two year molars.  So I didn't get any sleep last night and neither did Beloved.  I was up late with my two little boys.  Number 4 just couldn't settle down.  He has as stuffy nose.  And then #3 kept going to sleep and getting back up again.  I gave him Tylenol and applied some Highlands tooth gel.  But he was restless all night.  He got into bed with us and kicked me so hard for hours, I moved into his bed and left him in mine.  But I didn't sleep well becuse it's not my bed and the mattress is just too firm for me.  Number 2 was up last night, too.  He was having a hard time with his nose and throat.  Oh joy!


So, anyway, if everyone is feeling up to a video run, that's what I plan to do.  No one feels like doing much.  On top of everything, the drywall guy who didn't come last week is coming today.  So while Baby was napping this morning, I went through like a whirlwind and cleaned up the weekend damage.


We didn't do much at all this weekend.  I really wanted my Beloved to rest.  He ended up having to get some of our furniture out of our rental.  The tenants started moving in stuff a few weeks earlier than we thought they would, so he had to take care of that.  They have actually been paying rent since October 20, but hadn't planned on moving until November 20.  They are moving here from out of state, so I guess they are taking a few trips to get everything here.  While he was gone, I got quite a bit sewn on daughter's dress.  A few more sessions and it should be done.


Then we went out and bought a few trees for our property.  We didn't get them planted, yet.  But I think we figured out where to put them.  And then Beloved and #2 restacked our firewood.  It was too tall of a stack and we were having trouble keeping the tarp over it to keep it dry.  So they stacked it in shorter rows and so far so good.


I don't plan to get much done today.  I have a whole chicken in the frig, so I might roast that this afternoon and make some rice and vegies to go with it.  I will do some laundry and get it folded and take care of the children.  When everyone is miserable, it doesn't make sense to push school, etc.  If they feel like doing some of their work later, they can sit at the table while I cook.  I just want them to catch up on their rest today.  And I plan to push the vitamins and open up some Echinacea capsules and put it in their orange juice.  Good thing I bought a case of water yesterday.  We'll need to push the fluids.  It's so hard to get my boys to drink enough.  Daughter does alright, but she could probably drink more, too.


I already got the house picked up and two bathrooms cleaned.  I'm off to do some dishes, now, and fight the battle of the colds.  I want them well by Wednesday.


Good day, Kris


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