Fantastic Friday

Good Morning All!


Last night I finished my apron!  I am so excited -I've already worn it this morning.  It is very colorful and busy, but I love it.  It is a sewing themed apron.  One side has black fabric with pictures of bolts of fabric on it, the other side is purple with pictures of all kinds of sewing tools on it.  The binding is a crazy punchy plaid that ties (literally) it all together.  I think I'm addicted and need to make more!


Today my mom comes up in the afternoon to help me with more computer stuff.  I am so out of it when it comes to those kinds of things these days!


This morning, I will continue folding and putting away laundry, vacuum the bedrooms, spray down the bathrooms and do history with the children, not necessarily in that order.  I haven't figured dinner out, yet.  I hope I come up with something good!  I have chicken breasts, rice and vegies, so we may be having that.  Sounds boring, maybe not.  I don't know what to do!  LOL.


I think I've talked my Beloved into resting this weekend.  He is always working on something and I think he needs to take a break.  Last night I cut his hair for him.  I think I've finally got the hang of it.  It is really something I did not want to do, ever.  It just seems like am important thing to mess up, ya know?  It's important to me how everyone's hair looks.  But I am finally getting it, I think. 


Last evening, our shirts came from Old Navy.  I ordered all of us black shirts for our family photos this year.  I know, black seems like a strange choice.  But my Beloved wants to take the photo in front of the mountain and I just thought it would look really nice for us all to wear black on top and denim on bottom.  It sure is a lot easier than coordinating an entire wardrobe of shirts, sweaters, dress and the like.  So daughter and I have girl black shirts and the boys all have boy black shirts and they are all long sleeved and we can wear them with anything besides.  I think this will make our faces stand out and then the mountain behind us will be beautiful.


We normally go to Penney's for our Christmas portraits, but my Beloved wants to do it ourselves this time and I think it's great.  It will save us some money and we have these beautiful surroundings to use, so why not?


Well, I hope you all have a great Friday and a great weekend.  I probably won't post again until Monday.


Miss Kris


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