Good Morning All!

Yesterday we went into town in the morning to take my Beloved's lunch to him at his office, pick up my new glasses and get the children winter boots.  I thought Payless Shoe Source was supposed to be cheap?  Hmmm….. I hope they like their new boots a lot.


We also went to the store, too.  When we got home, we ate lunch and then buckled down to school work.  Got the three R's done, no extras.  I let the children go out to play for a while and I got busy on my blouse.  It now has two sleeves and a collar.  I just need to finish the hem, the cuffs and sew the buttons on.  I need to buy the buttons, first.  I am not sure about the fit.  But this is my first blouse, so we'll see.  I also worked on my apron, which is almost finished. 


In case you are wondering, yes, I always have a ton of projects going at once.  I'm not sure why I do this.  But I was reading recently that this is a sign of a productive person.  Hmmmm…. I always thought of this as a negative, never considered it as productive.  The author said if you just work a little on a project until you aren't feeling very inspired or you've had to pause for a reason, then move onto the next.  This is how this author gets so much done.  He is a great producer!  And he sure made me feel better. Hehehe.


Right now I have the blouse and apron, and a dress for my daughter going.  The dress shouldn't take too long if I just sit down and do it.  After that, there is her Christmas dress, and then she is done for the winter, I think.  I just received an order of a dress, skirt and blouse for her from Michelle Stace.  She makes them cheaper than I can get the fabric and sheis a very good seamstress.  So I get several of daughters things from her.  Plus she has a pattern she uses that I don't have.


Then I need to concentrate on Christmas gifts.


Today, we are going to do school and get the house cleaned up.  Daughter has her weekly piano lesson and the dry wall guy is coming up to fix some problems we've had with drywall screws popping out of the walls.


Baby is asleep for his morning nap, so I'd better get dressed.  For dinner tonight:


Chicken Stew and Dumplings

Waldorf Gelatin Salad




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