Confessions of a Danger..errr, Distracted Mind

Alright, I confess.  I:

1. Am a budding fashionista and I can't stop!

2. Could open a fabric store in my Master Closet.  A micro fabric store, but a fabric store nonetheless.  And don't even get me started on how many patterns I own.

3. Can't help looking at patterns for Regency gowns, Civil War day dresses, and 1912 Evening Dresses like the one Rose wears in Titanic.

4. Am seriously considering talking my Beloved into joining a Civil War Reenactors Club.  That way I'll have an excuse to make some of these beautiful clothes for myself!

Okay, so where did all this come from?  Well, I have been feeling strongly lately that I shouldn't look like something out of Tales from the Crypt when my Beloved walks in the door.  (Not that I know anything about Tales from the Crypt, but I assume it would pretty, um, SCARY!)  LOL.  And don't we look pretty scary when we're wearing sweats with spit up all over them, carrying baby like a sack of potatoes in one arm, making dinner with the other all while having a bad hair day?  I wouldn't want to come home to that either.  But really, shouldn't we make an effort in this area?  Proverbs 31:22 says “….she is clothed in fine linen and purple.”  It sounds to me like she had beautiful clothing.  So, um, where do the sweats come in?

I have been reevaluating my clothing over the past few months and decided that I need to make some changes.  I have been doing a lot of research in this area because I want to wear what is honoring to my Lord and what pleases my Beloved.  There are hoards of websites on  the subject of dress, and as a seamstress (I am using this word loosely) I can't help but admire the patterns for beautiful period gowns and day dresses.  I think I have found the ultimate hobby for myself, combining my love for sewing and history and my need for beautiful clothing that fits my body.

There is a huge movement of ladies going “dresses only.”  I am not sure where I stand on that, since I want to be careful not to participate with a religious spirit.  A religious spirit  is a tool the enemy uses to make us feel like we're not good enough, like we have to do to be saved or be accepted into a body of believers.  It's a lie. 

I once knew a young man who had been told by a church leader that he had to cut his hair short and remove his earring in order to continue attending that church.  This caused the young man to struggle as a new Christian.  This church was operating in a religious spirit.  He eventually decided to attend another church where he was accepted as is.  But Christ had already accepted him.  You see, we don't have to do anything.  What needed to be done for us was done at The Cross. 

Because we believe in the finished work at The Cross, we want to please the Lord.  Reading His Word, praying and asking for guidance in our daily walk is part of our relationship with Him.  We listen to Him when He impresses something upon us because of what He did for us.  Some of us have been called to the mission field, some to mother, and others to wear “dresses only.”

I Timothy 2:9 says women should dress modestly.  I have been working to instill that into my daughter, while doing my best to be an example of modesty to her.  I believe men and women have separate but complementary roles and men should look like men and women like women.  These days I feel much more feminine in a skirt or dress, and lately, much more comfortable.  I believe we have been created differently and that we as women should embrace our femininity.  Some of us have truly been called to go “dresses only”, just like some of us have been called to throw out the TV.  The Lord works on each of us in different areas at different times. 

Am I one of these?  I don't know that, yet.  But I do know that I am being called to look more feminine and as pretty as I can for my Beloved and for my children.  What will they think of motherhood if I look like a mess all the time?

With that said, I have chosen to invest some money into purchasing some pretty clothing that is flattering to my body shape and feminine (boy is this a challenge for me these days, especially with nursing, too) and also making some things myself.  The blouse I am making currently is very pretty.  I am not good at sleeves but we'll soon see how it comes out.  I have plans for a few more outfits as I have the time and a few aprons to protect those new clothes with, too. 

I have several skirts, so I am taking stock to make sure I have enough blouses to go with each one.  I'm just trying to go at my wardrobe with a plan and I am doing the same for my daughter, too.  I haven't spoken with her about “dresses only” at all.  But she said to me a few weeks ago, “Mama, I want to wear dresses every day.”  Perhaps she is being called.  Or, maybe she just feels like a little girl when she wears them. 

And shouldn't she?


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