Do You Participate?

Our family does not participate in today's festivities.  We don't even hand out candy at our door.  Even though our church has a very large and popular Festival this evening, we do not attend.  Our belief is that this day is rooted in all kinds of evil.  Some argue it didn't start out that way.  Maybe not, I don't remember all of the history involved.  (Mommy Brain!)What I do know is that this is now Satan's day, and the witches (yes there are still witches) have a big celebration today.  Psalm 34:14 says turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.  Also see Psalm 97:10, John 17:15, Hebrews 5:14, and 3 John :11.


Our next door neighbors have a child the same age as our third child.  Since he is only two and likely to knock on our door, I did set aside a little something for him.  I didn't think it would prove any point to disappoint a two year old who doesn't understand.  We will be including a little homemade tract with his candy.  Showing love to this family without acting self-righteous is important if we are ever to win them to the Lord.  If they ask why our children are at home, we will lovingly tell them and not make a big deal of it.


My Beloved did not come home except for lunch yesterday after all.  Like I said, everyday is interesting and you never know what will happen.  He ended up finding work to do that took up his day.


We got our three R's done and all of our chores and I got the front and back plackets done on my blouse.  I am excited to think about possibly wearing it tonight or tomorrow.  That's probably wishful thinking, but we'll see.


Today after school, we have a bunch of laundry to fold and then I want to get some general cleaning done before I work some more on my blouse.


Last night I sauteed some chicken breasts and served them with whole wheat pasta shells, zucchini coins and a homemade cheese sauce.  It was good and we will be eating it for lunch today.  It is chilly out this morning, so I am thinking I will make some minestrone soup for dinner. I think we'll break out the chess set tonight, too, and see what the children have forgotten.  Smile. 


They used to play Daddy every night after dinner and since we've moved, they haven't played at all.  Chess is a very good game to teach children.  Don't assume they can't learn it.  My children learned chess at 5 and 6 years old.  Keep their minds sharp with all kinds of games!


I'm off to start my day!  Have a great day in the Lord!


Miss Kris


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