Thankful It's Thursday

I had a nice little post written out yesterday and when I pushed save it got lost out in cyberspace.  I didn't have time to write it again, so….


I guess I should write all of my posts in Word first, huh?


I am struggling through today.  Right now I have a very bad headache and I am ready to crash.  But, everyone is outside playing and Baby is asleep, so I have starting cutting out Daughter's dress and will finish it up in just a bit.


I haven't had any time to sew lately.  But I need to get some Christmas gifts done, so I will be working on that on Saturday.


Tomorrow a gal I met while pregnant with #3 is coming by for a visit in the late afternoon.  She has a little girl the same age as my little boy.  In the morning, I need to go pickup my new glasses, if they're ready, and pickup a form at church to fill out for dedicating our newest bundle.  My mom might come up and help get my DSL up, too.  Wow.  Not sure how I will handle all that speed!


Anyone else making their plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas already?  I have my menu written out for Thanksgiving and am starting to fill in my calendar with events.  I should make a list of what gifts I intend to get everyone.  Can't post that here, though!  Hehehe.


Tonight we will have spaghetti and meatballs and hopefully turn in early.  I am so glad it's Thursday and most of our “work” is done for the week.






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