My Saturday

Good Evening Everyone!


I have missed blogging the last few days.  In case you were wondering, I did accomplish most of my goals for Wednesday.  Smile.  It was a good feeling.


Today, I had an eye doctor appointment in town.  So Baby and I went to that and I got to choose new glasses.  I have had blue or purple frames the last few times, so I went a little more conservative and chose a nice light bronze, about the same color as my hair.  The ones I am wearing now have been awful from the start.  I usually go to the eye doctor every other year and my glasses normally last for the two years with minor problems toward the end. 


I just got this pair last August (2005) and they began breaking within a few months.  Every time I went in to the optician to get them fixed, she blew it off and said, “I put lock tight on them, so it won’t happen again.”  Right, well (and I realize my attitude about this is not good) I have had to carry a small screw driver with me every day for the last year and I now have screws in my glasses that are so long they stick up and look funny and they are not the right color.  If I do not keep these tightened really well, my lens will pop out at whoever I am talking to at the moment.


I have had to fix them myself all these months because it is too time consuming for me to drag everyone to the eye office and then wait around with antsy children.  Not to mention the fact that the optician told me not to have any more children.  What?!?!?!?  I was so flabbergasted that I just could not even respond to her at the time.  You know I really wish I could think of a fitting response when these situations arise.  But alas, I have mommy brain!


Needless to say, I am now going to another office and I will not be buying the same brand of frames again.  (The brand name contains a number, in case anyone was wondering.)  I heard, though, that sometimes they make the lenses the incorrect size and this could have been the cause of my problem.  But I won’t be taking any chances with something this costly.


Before and after my appointment, I cleaned two bathrooms and did lots of laundry.  I cleaned the kitchen and did a few odds and ends things around the house.  It’s looking homier by the day here!  For dinner, we had chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and a nice tossed salad.


Tomorrow after church we plan to just relax and visit with some folks that are coming over for a visit.  I’m not sure what I’ll be making for dinner, but it will be something from the pantry with the rest of tonight’s salad.  (Maybe I’ll make some homemade biscuits.)  I mentioned before about keeping my pantry well stocked.  I enjoy just going in there to look at all the neat rows of jars and cans and bags of pasta lining the shelves. 


I have a list of everything I keep in my pantry.  What do you keep in yours?  Do you have a list?  Do you take advantage of sales to restock your pantry on a regular basis?  Look forward to baking items going on sale soon for the holidays and stock up while you can.  There are always good deals this time of year.  I am looking forward to seeing cranberries in the stores, as I would like to make some cranberry jam.  It’s yummy!


Well, I should turn in, now.  Until next time, Kris


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