Wednesday Goals

Good Morning All!


I have been thinking I should post some of my days goals so I can be accountable to you guys when I have things that I really need to complete.  Like today, I really need to get caught up on more laundry (I am never completely caught up) and get a few loads that have been hanging out on my bedroom chair folded and put away.  I guess I got a little distracted by having dinner guests on Saturday.  I washed the loads that day and never did anything else with them and here it is Wednesday!  Sheesh!


Besides that, it is a quiet day here at our home.  I will have the children spray down their bathrooms.  After school, since it's a little yucky out today, we might settle down to some sewing.  I have a dress I would like to cut out for daughter.  I already cleaned up the kitchen this morning.  We will try to run the vacuum in the bedrooms today, too.  That's the only place we have carpeting in our home. 


I made too much wild rice last night, so I will bake some chicken to go with that for tonight.  As I mentioned, we went to Costco on Sunday.  I like to buy their bagged stir fry vegetables in the freezer section.  They come in handy for more than just stir fry.  And there is no junk in them -just vegies.  I might cook some of those to go with the chicken and wild rice.


Strangely, the Pumpkin is still sleeping, and it's not like he got up and ate in the middle of the night, either.  I had to go in there and make sure he's still breathing!  He didn't nap much yesterday, though, so he must be making up for it.


Well, I am going to go get ready for the day while he's still asleep.


Peace and grace to you,



2 thoughts on “Wednesday Goals

  1. Janne,

    Hehehe. I am beginning to learn that it will never be completely caught up and am praying that I can live with it.

    Hope hubby’s ankle is better.

    Blessings to you and yours, Kris

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