Moms for Modesty

Happy Sunday!


It has been a very nice and relaxing Sunday.  We were able to really rest today and not do any unecessary work.  I made enough of dinner last night for leftovers tonight and I premade lunch last night, too.


Tomorrow after school, I need to go into town to go to Walmart.  I made $20 on a rebate and another $15 Walmart gift card by trading formula checks, so I have $35 free dollars to spend to put together a “lights out” kit for our hall closet.  This is a kit of things we'll need if we lose our power, since we don't have a generator yet.


I got all of my sewing put away and am really enjoying having a clean and orderly home.  Now maybe we can have some folks over, but don't everyone come at once, now!


I have had the Moms for Modesty logo up on my blog for a while now, and I have not addressed it at all.  This is a group of moms of daughters letting folks know how they feel about todays fashions and what they would like to see available for our daughters.  The logo is clickable, so feel free to check it out for yourself and add the logo to your site/blog, too.


I have found a really good seamstress who can make my daughter beautiful everyday dresses and send them to me for less than I can buy the fabric to make them myself.  Also, here are a few websites for little girls modest clothing or patterns.


Where to buy modest clothing for our daughters:


This is Michelle Stace's website -where I get my daughter some of her dresses.






An Article on Dressing Little Girls:


There is so much more out there on the web that I encourage you to do your own search and enjoys these links!


One thought on “Moms for Modesty

  1. I have been trying to put together an emergency kit as well. I have been stocking some food, I ordered a first aid kit (FREE!) but I still have a LONG way to go! I need to get some candles, flashlights with working batteries (that’s a novel idea!) a lighter that my husband doesn’t conviscate, etc. I should be getting several rebates back in the mail soon myself! I might have to borrow your idea.

    I am going to check out the websites you provided for modest clothing. I would love to get Emme some more dresses! I’ve found a couple while thrift shopping, and she wore a really cute outfit tonight. It was a pink patterned dress that went down past mid-calf and then had a small ruffle on the bottom. She had pink shoes and a pink poncho over the top. Too cute and totally modest!


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