Finally Friday

It's finally Friday and I am tired.  I have a bit of a cold and have had lots to do this week.  I'm glad it's almost over.  My  Beloved is taking off early today, as he has to work tomorrow part day.  They have a big job removing bats from a hospital that has to be done on the weekend.


Yesterday after school, we went into town for some supplies and then we came home and had some lunch.  Daughter made grilled cheese for the first time and it was good.  We swept and vacuumed and then the children went outsdie to play while I mopped the entire house sans two of the bathrooms.  That is a big job here because we only have carpet in the bedrooms.  The rest is laminate or vinyl.


I made fried rice and a big salad for dinner.  I put cabbage, kidney beans and tofu into the rice and it was really good.  Number 2 ate six helpings.  That is unusual, so I must make this again!


After the children were in bed for the night, I mopped the other two bathrooms and folded all of the laundry, washed and hung the diapers, did some paperwork and made some rice pudding (I had cooked extra white rice) for this mornings breakfast.  They did not care for it, though.  I had english muffins and a breakfast shake with it, so hopefully they got their tummies filled enough.


Today is our light day for school, but we have missed history this week, so we will catch up on that.  I plan to stay home today and finish the laundry and do some crafts with the children.  I also need to help daughter with practicing some math.  I was surprised to see her learning carrying and borrowing already in the second grade.  I don't think I learned that until the third grade, and I was in private school at the time.  I'm not sure she is understanding me when I explain it, so we will devote some more time to it today.


I have no clue what to make for dinner tonight.  I am thinking about homemade pizza.   I should have time to make the dough and I have whatever else we need, so that is probably a good bet.  Still have some of that wonderful salad from last night, too.  Yum!


I will post our daily routine int he next post to follow.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.




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