Long Time No Post

Good Morning!


I am so sorry I haven't posted in a week!  I have been busy.


I did beat the infection.  Thank you all for your prayers about that.  We are all fighting a cold, unfortunately.  But it isn't too bad.  The boys are having a tough time sleeping all night and we had to break out the Tylenol for sore throats in the middle of the night.


Whew!  We got a lot done this past weekend.  We got all of our boxes for storage up in our attic loft, the garage organized and finished the school room, yay!  I got all my clothing gone through and a home for it.  And, yesterday, I finished organizing my pantry.  Just one more project for me, and that is my sewing.  It has been sitting on the dining rom floor since we moved in to the house in June.  I know, I know, that's pretty bad.  Especially since that includes about five boxes of fabric.  Maybe I should open and fabirc store?


When I designed this house, I wasn't sewing like I do now.  It took so long to build the house that our needs changed a little, I guess.  Beloved says I should have put a sewing room on, but he forgets that we had to keep the square footage down.  As it is, we were going to build a 2200 square foot house and we ended up with a 2800 square foot house.  But we have a large master closet, so I think I will be keeping the sewing supplies in there at least.


What lit the fire under us to get all this done in one weekend?  We are due to have an appraisal on our home sometime this week.  (With sick children, great!)  I like everything in it's place, because no matter what they say, how neat, orderly, etc. the house is, the higher the price they appraise it at will be.  It's human nature that they will look with favor on it if it looks beautiful.  And they cannot separate themselves from their human side to be completely objective.  It's impossible.


I don't know what to repare for dinner tonight.  My Beloved did his detox (cleaned out his system of the toxins that collect) and is now not eating, meat, dairy and sugar.  So I may need to get a little creative with what I have on hand.  Anyway, I need to go get #4 cleaned up and dressed.


Have a great day in the Lord!


Miss Kris



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