Wednesday at Home

Hope you all are having a great week!


We're spending Wednesday at home.  Our piano was delivered this morning.  It has been at our office for the past three years, and I am finally paying to have it moved.  It is expensive.  But I don't plan to move anytime soon.  I can't wait to here daughter play on it.


My daughter is making cookies to sell to the neighbors this afternoon.  I hope she is successful.  And right now my oldest son is shoveling gravel onto the side of our road.  My Beloved and some of his workers had started that project, but it didn't get finished and I have children wanting to earn money today.


Oh, she is in there playing the piano right now!  Yay!


I am trying to take it easy today, as I am fighting a breast infection.  I am not sick yet, so I took some Brewer's yeast, probiotics and soy protein and trying to lay low.  And nurse, nurse, nurse.  Pray for me if you think to.  I don't want to get sick.


Yesterday, I schooled the children, sewed some cloth napkins (see for economical tips) and bought some healthfood items I've been needing.  Got the laundry all caught up and folded and mostly put away.  I think #3 still needs to put his away, but he's only two and needs reminders.  Made a yummy dinner of sauteed chicken breasts, rice, vegies and green salad.  It was really good.


Aha, daughter is now putting away and reorganizing #4's clothes in his dresser.  She is getting paid for this.  When her cookies are cooled, she will take them next door and try to sell them.


We have a surplus of tortillas right now, so tonight we will have bean burritos for dinner with raw vegies.  My Beloved is doing a detox right now, so I will need to get creative to feed him since he can't have the beans.


I better go check on #2's progress with the gravel.




Miss Kris


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