Taking It Easy

Still operating on my modified routine today.  We did math, penmanship, language arts and life skills.  We skipped history so far, but may pick it back up this afternoon.


I've been pushing the fluids and I drank a green drink.  I'm swollen and red, and praying I can keep this handled and don't get sick.


Daughter was successful in her cookie venture.  I'm not sure Mr. W. was given much choice!  We'll see where this goes for her.


For anyone wondering where I find the time to post, I write (one-handed) while I'm nursing my baby.  I may or may not post it to my blog at that moment if I am not online or I don't finish what I am writing.  So far, posting on my blog has not interrupted my work since I need to sit down to feed baby anyway.  And keeping a journal like this has helped me keep my thoughts organized on the different subjects I contemplate.  I have always understood the benefits of keeping a journal, but have always been too lazy to keep one.  I guess I just needed a computerized way of doing it.  I am a typist.  Anything I write has to be typed.  Too many years as a secretary, I guess.  My hand cramps up when I need to write longhand for any length of time.


I would like to take some time soon and post our daily routine.  I love to look at folks daily routines, don't you?  I thought maybe if I posted mine, you might post yours.  Ours still needs some work, and we are not always as disciplined as we should be, but we are working on it.  My Beloved keeps me in check.  He'll see when I am trying to do too much and protects me from myself, LOL.


I wanted to share with you the view from Almost Plum Nearly.  Anyone curious about the meaning?  It means “just about perfect,” and that is what we chose to name our farm.  It's not much of a farm yet, but it will be someday.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!



3 thoughts on “Taking It Easy

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading some of your posts. You seem very at home as a homemaker (no pun intended!). I envy the canning, quilting, bulk food, frugal living concepts. I dream of living like that on one hand, and on the other I dream of paying someone to do it for me, LOL! I was not created as a homemaker – I’m more the “out and about” type, but I work at it with prayer and lots of reading! I get ideas wherever I can.

    Anyway, I said a prayer for your infection – ouch! I hope it clears up soon.


  2. Gorgeous view! I’m so envious. We used to have several acres of woods behind our house, but a couple years ago they tore the whole thing out and put up townhouses. It’s awful. Now they are fighting with the neighborhood becaues they want to put in a road — RIGHT NEXT TO MY HOUSE! I’m the corner house next to a church, and they want the road in between us. My kids play there and wander and nature walk (there is still about 2 acres of field and a few trees back there, a couple critters, but not much) and they want to build a road. *sigh*

    I love the name of your farm! It makes me think of “On the Banks of Plum Creek” — the Little House book. I like the meaning — and I just love farms. My grandparents lived on a small farm when I was about 6 for a few years and those years give me such wonderful memories!



  3. Thank you so much for your comments.

    I do really feel at home at home, LOL. I have just always enjoyed homemaking. I enjoyed my previous career, too, but my heart was always at home. I know it’s more difficult for some ladies and it doesn’t come natural to everyone. We all have different tempermants and we are a product of our “feminized” (I prefer to say masculinized) culture.

    I started this blog to encourage other hardworking mothers and I hope it serves its purpose. God bless you!


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