It’s the Lord’s Day!

I’ve been convicted lately to make Sunday a day of rest, a much as possible, anyway.  If I prepare ahead enough, it is possible.  It just seems like there is always so much to do.  But I know that our planning ahead and keeping the Sabbath will be blessed.  I need to commit this to prayer and ask the Lord to show me how to do it.  If this is something you are struggling with, please let me know.  Maybe we can do it together.


I do get snippets of rest throughout the day when I am nursing my baby.  I think this is one of the reasons God made our bodies the way he did.  We probably wouldn’t sit down and rest if He hadn’t.  But I know that He created us to work hard and then rest on one full day.  I find, in my opinion, following the Lord’s commandments to be beneficial for our health.  He set aside this day of rest to energize us for the week of work ahead.  Just like our bodies repair themselves while we sleep, so the extra day of rest rejuvenates our tired muscles and clears our minds to prioritize the tasks ahead.


To be completely honest with you all, the second bucket of apples went to waste.  Well, I suppose we could’ve used them to make apple wine, since they were beginning to ferment.  LOL.  But that didn’t seem practical since we don’t drink.  I was never able to get to them. See, I am not the perfect homemaker –just trying real hard!  Lesson learned: Don’t take on more than you can handle.  I’m not sure how many times the Lord has to teach it to me.  It’s a good thing He is the patient and forgiving One.


Please bear with me as Part Two of Can We Do It All? is still being written.  There may even be a Part Three somewhere in the recesses of my mind. 


I would love to hear your comments.  I know there are quite a few visitors here because of the web counter and I would enjoy making new friends.   It makes me think of the song that came out about 7 years ago, “Anybody Out There?” by Burlap to Cashmere.  Anybody remember them? Smile.


Grace and Peace to you,


Miss Kris


One thought on “It’s the Lord’s Day!

  1. Hi Kris, great post! And you’re right! How many times does God have to remind us that not only are we not able to do it all, but that we don’t have to? If we lean on Him, He’ll give us the strength to do what He wants. Someday, I’m actually going to follow that advice. Lol! Thanks again for the great post, and I look forward to tuning in for parts 2 and 3.


    Galatians 6:9

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