Processing Apples

Well, one of two buckets of apples is processed and in the freezer in the form of pie filling.  I already had so much store bought applesauce in the pantry, that I didn't see the need to make more of that.  It is taking me miserably long to get these apples done.  They were picked on Saturday.  I located my apple peeler/corer, but have no surface to clamp it to.  It will not fit on anything.  Everything is standard1-1/2″ tall and it just won't fit. So I am doing everything by hand with my two oldest helping me.


We took today off from school, because we had firewood to stack and the apples to deal with.  I think I will wait for tomorrow to finish the apples unless we all get more energy and baby lets us work on them.  We just got the sticky mess cleaned up in the kitchen.  And now we may do some language arts since it's only noon.


Anyone with suggestions of what to clamp my peeler/corer to next year?  I think we will process the apples outside next year as a family.  I am already planning how to get this more efficient.  At this point I am just trying to get it done this year so they don't go to waste.  I just couldn't get to it earlier in the week, because of some other things I had to do.


So I have bags of pie filling in the freezer -enough for four deep dish apple pies.  The other bucket is fuller, so we may get more than four more bags out of that.  I'm not sure about drying the apples, since I haven't bought the trays for dehydrating in my oven.  I'm not sure I want to buy those this year.  Maybe I will grate some of the apples in my Cuisinart to freeze for use in quick breads.  Hmmm….


My pantry is now full and organized after last weeks trip to Winco.  I just need to order some things from the food coop and make some more jam.  I have plums and peaches in the frig.  I know I'm pushing it trying to get all this stuff done with a young baby in the house.  But I also know I will be so glad I did it this winter when my larder is full and I don't have to go to the store every few days.  It's a good feeling to be prepared ahead of time and I can relax when “harvest time” is over.


I finally finished binding the quilt I was working on, so I will wash it to get the sewing pen ink out of it and wrap it up to give to my friend.  I am planning to make my daughter some jumpers from denim (which I already have) and some corduroy for this fall and winter and I still have the pj's I've been working on.  I also have a really cute apron I have started for myself.  It is made from fun and flashy sewing themed fabric.  It will be my sewing apron.  I love it!


I've noticed a huge interest in vintage and retro aprons locally and online.  They are selling them locally for $49.95.  Wow.  They are really darling but that is a lot of money for an apron.  I have wanted to make myself some aprons because I actually do use one.  I have used the same apron for years now.  It is blue and says Vitamin Cottage on it.  Hehehe.  My sister used to work at Vitamin Cottage in Colorado and I still use my apron she gave me from there.  Well, I have “grown” since I first got it and it is looking worn, so I really would like to make myself a few pretty aprons for different tasks around the house.  I will try to figure out how to post photos and I will show you how it looks when I'm finished with it.


Good day!


2 thoughts on “Processing Apples

  1. Oh the apples sound yummy! My dh would just LOVE it if I would bake pies! I am delving deep into learning how to bake! Cooking came naturally and easily, but baking kind of scares me! But one thing at a time is giving me the confidence to keep on trying!

    And you are right about the vintage aprons! I would simply adore one! It seems like a sewing project that I just MIGHT be able to do! (Another area I am dismally lacking in!)

    Thanks for befriending me! I’m going to be starting a new self-challenge on Monday — 30 Days to a Simpler Life — I should have a post up about it tomorrow.

    Happy Housekeeping!!!


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