My Beloved and the three older children picked apples for free on Saturday.  They also came home with pluots, watermelons and pears.  Oh my!


I am going to be very busy this week.  Hopefully I will post again later this week.  But right now I've got apple pie filling to make for the freezer and apples to prepare for drying. 


With a baby who won't nap these days, I don't know when I will do it all.  Thankfully he has been sleeping through the night since last week.  No more nighttime feedings.  He gets up at 5 or 6 to eat and then goe sback to sleep for a while longer.  I think I may kind of miss that time with him.  But my Bleoved and I still have time alone with him at night when the older children go to bed.  He is such a cutie!


Blessings today, Miss Kris


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