Can We Do It All?

Can We Do It All?


Yes and no.  We can do it all, just not at the same time.  That is the jest of Crystal Miller’s article at her website The Family  Click the link below and read it.  It’s not too long and I found it to be very encouraging.


I have so many things I want to do and so little time to do them.  I have even less time when I actually have my priorities in order.  The Lord, Husband, Children, & Home.  In another article Crystal talks about how she has been called to be a Keeper of Her Home, not a keeper of her van.  When we spend too much time outside our homes, the result is less peace.  (Proverbs 31:27) Things start to fall apart.  It’s five o’clock and you still don’t know what’s for dinner. You’ve baked dessert for your ladies night out, but your family gets nothing.  You clean the church but your husband comes home to a messy house.  Some of the things we get caught up in we consider ministry.  But it is not ministry when it takes time away from our responsibilities at home.  It is burden.


The Lord did not call us to be Keepers at Home, and then expect us to do ministry outside our home.  He has called us to minister inside our homes, and that ministry spills out into our neighborhoods by the example we are, through our husbands and through our children.  It is so easy to get caught up in the lie that you must be involved in “ministry.”  I have been there.  My Beloved and I served as lay ministers in a church for several years all while working full time and going to school part-time or full-time.  This was before we had children.  This may have been one of the reasons we delayed children.  But we waited too long and this is something I now regret.


Now this does not mean we cannot leave our homes.  The Proverbs 31 woman goes out and inspects a field to buy it.  She plants a vineyard. (Proverbs 31:16)  She purchases food for her household from merchant ships. (Proverbs 31:14) But I think the majority of our time should be spent at home.  We should be there for our husband when he arrives after a long day.  (Proverbs 31:28) In order to have nutritious meals prepared for our families, clean dishes and clothing, a relatively organized home, etc., we need to be home to accomplish these things.  We are to be busy at home. (Titus 2:5)


Like Crystal says, if we are shuttling our children hither and yon, we are being keepers of our vans.  That is why we have decided to limit outside commitments.  We limit our children’s outside activities to one each.  Right now, that is piano lessons.  Now this can still be a burden if you have many children.  At some point we will need to find a teacher who will come to our home.  We will not deprive our children personalized education based on their talents.  We will just need to be creative in how we arrange that education.  There are other advantages to limiting our outside commitments which I will talk about another time.


Thankfully, many of my interests are “appropriate” for a homemaker.  I love to quilt and sew.  I enjoy cooking and baking.  I like to organize, etc.  However, if my quilting gets in the way of my responsibilities, then it is not appropriate.  This is a tough area for me, because I struggle with balance.  When I get a bur in my saddle to make a quilt that’s what I want to do even if it’s not an appropriate time or even if it’s not appropriate financially.  I struggle.  This is stuff the Lord has been teaching me.  I find that meditating on Proverbs 31 daily helps me keep things in order.


Now, I think if you have it all together, you are super mom and your house is immaculate and organized and you are serving delicious meals and your children are three grades ahead and you still have lots of time on your hands then …… well, email me because I want to know your secret!


More about this next time.  Blessings today!




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