Big Shop

My Beloved suggested I do a “big shop” (as we call it at our house) at Winco to stock up on what we'll need in the coming months, so I had planned to do the shop this Saturday.  But my mom called last night and suggested we meet down there tonight so she and my dad could help me a little and they could check out Winco, as they've never been to one.  Of course I will take baby with me.


So I will spend today planning my list and going over what is still in my pantry.  We have been very blessed with a large pantry.  I was able to design our home myself and my Beloved built it for me.  The original pantry was supposed to be 6'x8.5'.  But my Beloved asked if it was alright with me if we steal another two feet from the garage and make it 6'x10.5″.  Is it alright?!?!?  Well I don't know, dear.  Let me think about it.  He he he.  (I was thrilled.)


This is the first home we've had that has had enough storage for us.  I'm sure you all can relate when I say that homes these days lack appropriate storage and some don't even have linen closets.  I kept my linens in dressers for years when it was just my Beloved and I.  Now I actually have empty drawers in my kitchen.  I'm sure we'll eventually find something to put in them, though.  Smile.  Wink.


Anyway, this is a light day for schooling, so I should have time to prepare.  I have found that if I have my list in order and plan ahead I can save quite a bit at Winco.  You have to know your prices, though.  Many homemakers suggest keeping a price book.  I have mine in my head.  So far this has worked for me, as I have always had a pretty sharp memory.  But I have started to notice after having four babies that my memory is starting to slip.  This has not yet affected my knowledge of grocery store pricing, though.  So I am safe for now in this department.  It's other things that are slipping.


I pretty much stick with a four day school week.  But we do art and music appreciation on Fridays, as well as hands on art and then before dinner we daily do penmanship and Bible memory combined (they write the weekly verse) to keep them busy while waiting for daddy to come home for dinner.  We never know what time he'll be home and I won't serve dinner without him.  I give them a break from math and language arts on Fridays.  We also leave that day open for special projects or field trips.


I probably won't post until next week, as I'll be busy getting supplies situated and I need to do the cleaning I didn't get to this week. 


Until then, -Miss Kris


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