Ten Advantages of Keeping My Home

1. I am able to create a refuge for my husband to come home to after he spends a long day in “the world.”


2. My creativity is constantly stretched.


3. I learn new skills continually.


4. I can make sure my family is eating nutritious meals.


5. I am challenged daily to keep us on a budget.


6. I have more time to organize & declutter our home.


7. I am able to spend quality time with my children.


8. I help my husband educate our children as we are called to do.


9. I can be an example of a Keeper at Home to my daughter.


10. I can use my skills and creativity (and lots of prayer) to create an atmosphere of peace and comfort in my home.  This peacefulness and joy will spill out into our neighborhood, making it a lighthouse shining in a dark world.


These are all things I am working on, especially the last one.  It seems like when you have several children in the house, it is never quiet.  But I guess quiet and peace aren't necessarily the same thing.  Are the noises joyful noises?


Already I see our home as the gathering place in our neighborhood.  It seems that happens anywhere we live.  The neighbors come.  What are they attracted to?  Is it the Holy Spirit?  Hopefully the love of Christ is what keeps them coming.


Have a blessed day in the Lord.


One thought on “Ten Advantages of Keeping My Home

  1. What a beautiful post! Just the little pick me up I needed to hear today.

    Doing all of these things is a blessing to me as well. I’m still faultering, however, but I keep on walking the path!


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