"Labor" Day

I hope you all had a great weekend.  On Saturday, we worked on unpacking the boxes in the homeschool room.  Why were there boxes in the homeschool room you ask?  Well, whatever boxes in the house that we couldn't get to unpack, I moved in there.  You know, I was thinking we won't need the school room until September.  Well, it's September.  Smile.


We worked in the morning unpacking the boxes and putting stuff away, trading off with baby, since he wouldn't nap for us.  I got a little burned out on it, so we took a lunch break and then I worked on it in the afternoon alone and got about five more boxes out of the way.  This included most of our art supplies. 


Sunday we didn't touch the room, except I did some filing in there.  I tried my very first batch of sourdough bread.  It tasted good, but I messed up on the second rising, so it was a bit dense, but still okay.  I will try again now that I have starter in the frig.  After the children went to bed, I made some peach jam and put about 6 pounds of potatoes in to bake.  I can set my oven to cook and then hold.  So when we woke up this morning, there were baked potatoes all ready for us.  We put together 30 breakfast burritos for the freezer (and ate some for breakfast) using those potatoes.  My Beloved has been asking for the burritos and I suggested we might want to freeze some so he can take them to work with him.  He can't eat early like we do -he doesn't get hungry until later.  I also used some of them to make potato salad (another request from my Beloved) and tomorrow we will have baked potato bar for dinner.


Today I tried my hand at making some yogurt.  It was really easy and it seems to have turned out good.  I am delighted at how easy it is.  My children inhale it and I get tired of buying it at the store all the time to have it disappear within two days.  I will need to add some honey and fruit to it if I expect them to eat it, though.


I am keeping my eye out for good deals on fruit, as I want to stock our shelves with jam for the year.  I used to do this every year, but the last few years it hasn't happened.  We really don't enjoy store bought jam now that we are accustomed to homemade.  I made two kinds before baby was born, but since it was all we had, it is getting eaten up quickly.  We picked some blackberries and I threw them into the freezer, so I will do something with them as soon as I can.  We also have blueberries in there -enough for another batch of jam and some to eat this winter.  I bought two flats of blueberries this year.  They are so good.


I would like to get my hands on some figs for jam, too.  And when cranberries come out, they are a cheap fruit to make jam out of and very tasty. By the way, frozen fruit from your grocery aisle may be used to make jam, too.  You just have to weigh out the cost and benefits and use what you can afford.  This year I can only afford to buy fruit on sale and also pray that the Lord will provide some for free.  I understand that I will be getting some apples for free this year.  I hope I have the energy to do something with them when I received them.  When it arrives, you have to do something with it quick while it's fresh, whatever it is.  I am dreaming of apple pie filling, applesauce and dried apples.


I also worked on the school room and most of it is finished.  My Beloved helped a lot today, too.  Even though we couldn't finish it, we got a lot done.  Tomorrow we begin our first day of school.  Our oldest is in the second grade and our next one down is in the first grade.  I got our September calendar printed out and also our daily routines posted onto our chalkboard.  I tend to not be very realistic when planning my school days, so I requested that my Beloved look over everything to make sure it met with his approval.  He makes sure I am not trying to do too much and keeps me on track with what I am teaching the children.


You've probably noticed that I don't post everyday.  My posts will probably be about three times per week.  That's all I can do as I try to limit my time online in order to truly keep my home as I am called to do in Proverbs Chapter 31.  Next time I post, it will be about sewing and I will include the links I found last week and if I get time, some pictures, too.  Thanks for reading and happy schooling!




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