Long Weekend or Our Big Plans

Well, I tried to post yesterday, but the site was down.  So here I am.  Our big plans this weekend may not seem very exciting to you.  We are staying home and working on some projects!  This is exciting to me because our businesses take up so much of my Beloved's time and energy, that it is a challenge to get house projects onto the schedule.


My Beloved is taking today off.  He and one of his helpers are working on constructing our paths/patios in the backyard.  He and I plan to lay stone ourselves, when we can afford to buy it.  Unfortunately, we both have expensive taste and the stone we chose is not cheap.  But we are putting in the borders and rock to prepare.  Hopefully the children don't decide to have a rock fight with it. ðŸ™‚


My Beloved said he wanted to take this weekend to finish getting our schoolroom ready and get our fall routine established.  He is also going to put up my clothesline and my mop/broom hanger.  I can't wait for either, but I am especially excited about the clothesline.  It is one of those big tree-like ones that turn.  I've wanted one of them since I used one in Germany back in 1997.  Baby #4 started wearing the Fuzzi Bunz yesterday, so I can really use it.


Since I couldn't get onto the site yesterday, I did some research and looked up some free sewing and quilting patterns online.  There's quite a bit out there.  I learned how to make a crib sheet, which would have been handy a few months ago.  I also learned how to use old t-shirts to make shorts/pants for little ones.  It works the same way I make their shorts, except you use the t-shirt's hem so you don't have to hem them.  It's a great idea!  On my next post I will share some of the links I found helpful and how and why I make my children shorts using fat quarters.


This morning I made each of the three older children some knit shorts for sleeping in -these are their jammy bottoms.  The boys I made from two of my old t-shirts since I didn't have theirs cut out from the knit I ordered yet.  I already had #1's cut out and half sewn, so I finished hers to go with the top I already made for her.  One complete sleeping outfit down for her.  I only got two sides of the baby quilt done the other day, but I have to take out half of one side because I messed up.


If I can get #4 down for a nap, I am going to finish unpacking and organizing my cookbooks (I have a lot of them) and organize my pantry.  The children generally put the groceries away, and I haven't figured out how to keep everything organized when I am not the only one in there.  I am definitely open to suggestions.


I also need to print out our daily schedule for this fall and get my September calendar in order.  I can do this one-handed, though.


Dinner's in the crockpot.  We're having barbecue sauced chicken breasts with coleslaw and something else.  Hmmmm….


Have a great Friday!









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