August 30 To Do

This morning I need to go into town.  It seems like such a big production to go into town now that we live this far out and have a new baby.  But, we need a few fresh things and some bottled water.  I also need to pick up a few gifts.  I'll throw in a load of laundry before we leave.


When we return, I will continue the laundry.  I also need to spend some time straightening our room and doing some sewing.  I have a few projects going that I feel like they're hanging over my head.  One is a baby quilt for a friend who had her baby on the 15th.  I just need to bind it, but I haven't even been able to pick up my sewing in many days.


I am also making the children their winter pajamas.  So far I have only one top for #1.  I should have completed more of these projects before #4 was born, but I was a little distracted by moving and then waiting for him.  He was 11 days post date and I kept thinking, “any day now,” and didn't want to begin any big projects.  I did cut out several outfits for the kids and a few things for myself the day before he was born.  That makes it easier when I have time to sew, because I can just sit down and sew.


The children and I will continue the laundry this afternoon and get it folded and put away.  That probably seems like no big deal to those of you with smaller families who don't live in the country.  But the laundry around here is a big project.  Everytime my children come into the house from playing outside, they need to strip and take showers, since we have nothing but dirt around our house.  We haven't landscaped yet, and it doesn't help when they have a dirt fight 🙂  Of course that lovely dirt will be mud this winter….


I spent some time in the school room on Sunday between loads of laundry.  I got five boxes unpacked and many school books put away.  I am excited to hopefully finish that project this weekend and maybe hang up some of my school aids, maps, etc., soon.  I need to buy some clip frames for these.  We have big plans for this weekend that I'll share with you all tomorrow.


Until then, have a blessed day.




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