The Battle Continues

Just a little update on our battle with poison oak-

Numbers 2&3 are lookin' good.  They are both healing up and it doesn't seem to be spreading any more on them.  However, #1 is suffering.  She has it on both sides of her face and on her neck.  I have washed just about everything she has come in contact with and tried a couple of different poison oak soaps.  I also applied some 1% hydrocortisone cream, although I hate to give any kind of steroid.  I figure that's better than a steroid shot at this point.  I think she is very allergic to the urushiol oil, which is what causes the reaction. 


What is to be thankful for in this situation?  I am getting quite an education on poison oak, something I knew nothing about previously.  We found out it is growing just outside our door, handy information, I think.  Also I am seeing that my daughter does not have vanity issues.  She is handling this quite well.  I think better than I would in her shoes.  If you think of her, please keep her in your prayers, as it could take up to 10 days to get rid of this stuff.


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