Poison Oak Battle

I don't have much experience with poison oak.  My Beloved and I have never had it ourselves, and I wonder if we might be immune to it.  Not so our children.  The three older ones have it.  Despite my warnings to stay away from the ditch on our property that used to have it (it is now growing back), I saw all three of them traipse through it last Saturday.  By the end of the day, #2 had it on his hands.


By the next day, it had spread to his face and we bought some soap/treatment stuff that's supposed to take off the oil that causes the reaction.  It still spread and by midweek, he had it in other areas.  On Friday I discovered that #1 and #3 had it on their hands, too.  I called the doc and he said it is not contagious, but the oil might be somewhere in the house or on a pet and they keep getting exposed to it.  Well, the pet theory is out -we don't have any (yes, cruel I know, but that is a subject for another day). 


So I sent #1 to wipe down the leather couches and #2 to clean all the doorknobs.  Then, as I am leaving a message on my Beloved's voicemail, I look out the kitchen window at the little green patch of leaves that has sprung up just off our back porch.  Aha!  They have been PLAYING IN IT!  Ack!


Did Mama or Daddy notice the poison oak growing out the back door?  Nope.  I told you my experience was limited.  Experienced mothers told me yesterday that it is contagious.  So who do I go with, the doc or experienced mothers?  Hmmm…I think I'll choose mothers for now.


So now they aren't playing in it, but #1 woke up yesterday with it on one whole side of her face and woke up again this morning with even more of it on the other side – it looks terrible.  We changed their sheets last night.  My Beloved didn't think it wise to attend church this morning, so we are staying home and washing everything else that could possibly have the oil on it. 


As if I didn't already have enough laundry to do, right?  LOL  Anyway, if you think of us, send a prayer our way.  I'll be in the laundry room today!


Better do those light switch plates, too….


2 thoughts on “Poison Oak Battle

  1. I have not personally had to deal with this before, but my husband said that had gotten several times while he was growing up. It sounds so horrible. Your poor babies! I will keep yall in my prayers. Hey, perhaps this would be a good time to do a mini botany lesson! 🙂 lol I enjoyed your blog, very cute lady bugs!

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