And so I begin…

I have been reading other's blogs for a few months now and must confess that I find the world of blogging interesting.  I especially enjoy running across blogs of likeminded individuals and gleaning spiritual and practical insight from other Christians around the globe.


Being enamored with the idea of blogging, I decided to start one myself -just in case there is anyone out there (hello?) who might be interested in anything I have to say.  Right!


Hmmm…so anyway, my profile says I am a homemaking and homeschooling Mama to many.  Of course “many” is a relative term and compared to some my family may be considered small.  I gave birth 6 weeks ago to my fourth child and third son.  He is a darling boy and I am really enjoying his sweet disposition.  It is my hope that I will receive many more blessings (and my daughter's hope that one of them might be of the female persuasion).  He he he.


Some of my interests are: quilting and sewing (I have to watch this as fabric is easily addictive), bulk cooking, gourmet cooking, canning and raising my own food -to provide my family with the healthiest diet possible.  Right now I am working on getting my pantry and menus organized to save time and money.


I am also getting ready to begin the school year, which should be interesting with a newborn.  Been there, done that!  But if I could just get him to sit in the bouncy seat…. Oh well, guess I'l be wearing the sling a lot this fall.


Welcome to the beginning of my blog!




2 thoughts on “And so I begin…

  1. I hope you will enjoy blogging here @ HSB! How nice to have a new baby in the family!
    I have 4 brothers, and three sisters. – But the sisters are catching up real fast! LOL 😉
    Anyway, I look forward to reading your future posts!
    God Bless! – Christopher (Biblekid2) =)Edited by Biblekid2 on Aug. 25, 2006 at 6:29 PM

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